Pop-Up Fundraiser for Damon Runyon!

Pop-Up Fundraiser for Damon Runyon!

I’m excited to sponsor a Pop-Up Fundraiser for Damon Runyon!

Real Estate Agents at my office, William Raveis Real Estate in Glastonbury, CT are crafting for cancer research as part of the annual William Raveis Charitable Fund events this month!

We’ll be meeting to paint Kindness Rocks to celebrate ROCKTOBER and my participation in the CPTV premier of Life Lessons: Cancer Today and Beyond. I am donating any profits from arts and crafts supplies or books purchased from my Amazon Affiliate links below, between now and October 24th as well!

My personal preference for decorating rocks are Artistro (I’ve tried the oil based but they also sell Acrylic) and Uni-Posca brand paint pens. Click the link below to start shopping!

Pop-Up Rock Painting Fund Raiser

To learn more about this hobby here are some books!

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Learn about Herbal Skin Care!

Learn about Herbal Skin Care!

Have you ever thought about making some of your own herbal and botanical skincare? Check out this simple recipe for making lotion bars!

I am both a Student of and Affiliate for the Herbal Academy. Here is a link to learn more about this brand new course.

Enroll in the Botanical Skin Care Course with the Herbal Academy

And if you need to order molds, jars or other supplies, this is a great time to try Amazon Prime by using my Affiliate link, too!

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Amazon SMILE

Amazon SMILE

Did you know that you can earn money for charity when you shop online using the Amazon SMILE program! It’s true! The key is to watch the URL and once you are on the Amazon website, just change www to smile if the web address is not already pointing there. Then once you choose a charity from the list of participating organizations, that information will be saved in your profile. Just remember to navigate to the proper page (smile.amazon.com) before you place your shopping order!


Try it for yourself by clicking my Amazon Affiliate Link below!

Kindness ROCKS!


I fell in love with The Kindness Rocks Project in 2017 when, during a walk from the Ferry Landing here in town, I found a painted rock on a bridge. I had been feeling sad, and this sweet surprise lifted my heart. I bought a few supplies and painted a few rocks, but then put my craft supplies aside.

My interest in this project changed when a few weeks ago a dear friend and I got together to paint rocks. Something about this process was totally meditative and really got me inspired.


Last week I donated a small box of rocks to my hospital for their effort to spread kindness.

Smilow Rocks is a local effort of The Kindness Rocks Project and shares the belief that one message at just the right moment can change someone’s day, outlook or life. Our goal is to spread kindness through painted rocks left for and created by patients, caregivers and staff at Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven, CT.

Glastonbury Rocks! is a local Kindness Rock Group I belong to on Facebook. It is mostly people decorating rocks “hide and seek” style; so people post photos of rocks they’ve decorated or found, and those who find a rock often rehide them instead of keep them.

Our local elementary school, Hopewell School, even started a Kindness Rock Garden with 3,000 rocks last year and hosted a book signing with the founder of the Project as well!  So this project is local, regional, national and even global!

If you want to spread kindness through painting rocks, the website reminds us to make sure to hashtag #THEKINDNESSROCKSPROJECT but to be honest, I can never fit that many words so I just put #kindnessrockproject or #kindnessrock and the year on the back.

If anyone uses my Amazon Affiliate Links to purchase Arts & Crafts Supplies, I will be donating any commissions I earn from now until September 2019 to our fundraising for the 2019 CLOSER TO FREE RIDE to benefit my hospital, Smilow Cancer Hospital! Just make sure to use these links!

Book Recommendation: Coping With Ocular Melanoma (OM) – A Toolbox

I just finished watching a Facebook LIVE video from the A Cure In Sight™ Eye Believe Patient Survivorship Seminar, which is taking place right now in Orlando, Florida (Nov. 28 – Dec. 2, 2018).

Here is a link to the video, but you do have to be logged into your Facebook account to view it I believe:

I learned so much from the author, Ziva (Anne) Osborn, that I wanted to link to her book, Coping With Ocular Melanoma (OM): A Toolbox, on Amazon**. Anne, as a teen grew up in the shadows of OM when her mother died of OM. Forty years later, she was diagnosed with OM, Class 2.

I have not read the book but it is definitely something on my Recommended list after listing to her speak!

Click this link to go to Amazon: Coping With Ocular Melanoma – A Toolbox

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Stop Listening to Celebrity “Experts”!

Every day my Facebook account “feeds me” information from Goop or it’s spokesmodel, Gwyneth Paltrow.

It’s exhausting and emotionally draining to realize how many vulnerable people are preyed upon to buy “sunless tan water” or follow diets with cancer cure claims. So today I am recommending this book (based entirely on the excerpts, I have not actually read this book).

…even when she’s right, Gwyneth always manages to mix in a little bit of wrong,” — Timothy Caulfield, author

CLICK THIS LINK to learn more:
Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything

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BOOK: A Cure Within

Recommended Reading

As a person who recently experienced immunotherapy treatment for the ocular melanoma which has metasticized to my liver, this is a topic of interest to me.  But I’ll be honest, the unique and rare side effects I had mean I won’t be able to have this treatment again.  But this book keeps getting “recommended” to me by my Facebook feed and it certainly does seem to be very highly recommended, so I thought I would share a link!

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