Rock Painting Supply List

The following supply list includes my current favorite Kindness Rock painting arts & crafts supplies. There are many tips and YouTube videos but basically here is what I do. First, I head to the beach and select a few pounds of palm sized, smooth rocks.

If you don’t live near a natural source of rocks, you can order some online or sometimes they can be purchased at a local garden center.

Here is an Amazon affiliate link for a brand of painting rocks that gets great reviews from fellow rock painters!

I wash my rocks with liquid dishwashing soap, scrub them with an old toothbrush, then rinse. I make sure to let the rocks air dry for a couple days.

Next, I honestly let the rocks guide my next step. Some I color with watercolor paint then seal with matte ModPodge sealer. Some I seal first to create a smoother surface for writing inspiring words. Lots of people like to completely paint the rock with solid acrylic paint before they start to decorate them. There is no wrong way to create your own, unique art project! I like to read about topics first before I dive in, so I visited some websites and watched some YouTube Videos. Here are a few links to get you started!

Once I decorate and add an inspiring word or phrase, I hashtag the back side with my own unique tag, #SmileRockCT to bring awareness to all my Kindness Rock painting awareness efforts. You could tag #thekindnessrockproject and help raise awareness about this international effort to spread kindness, one rock at a time!

I recently learned there are two styles of Uni Posca Extra Fine point pens – a “pin type” and a “bullet shaped” tip – both are 0.7mm in thickness. I am still figuring out which style works best for writing inspiring words on which rock surface! But experimenting is part of the fun!

After I hashtag the back side I seal it and the sides with one coat of DuraClear Gloss Varnish (I like using a soft brush better than a foam brush but that’s just my personal preference). Dry over night. Then I seal the top side. I really like the tops shiny, so I sometimes put a second coat but I always dry completely over night before adding a second coat.  I like the DuraClear because it does not dry with a tacky feeling at all. Most of my rocks are donated to #SmilowRocks, a #tkrpambassador project at my hospital, Smilow Cancer Hospital.

The list of Amazon Affiliate Links below are my “must have” supplies or use the search results for Kindness Rock Painting! I did not buy everything at once but a few items at a time as my hobby evolved.

In case you want to read more about Rock Painting or anything else, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kindle! But there are also APPs people can use to read Kindle books on other devices. Please click my Affiliate Link below to learn more!