Thanks for visiting this page! The hashtag #SmileRockCT on my painted rocks, is my way of helping folks to find out more about THE KINDNESS ROCKS PROJECT™ and two local painted rock kindness efforts, Smilow Rocks and Glastonbury Rocks!

The Kindness Rocks Project™, founded by author and lecturer Megan Murphy, is a national movement which encourages people to leave rocks painted with inspiring messages along the path of life. Follow the hashtag #TheKindnessRocksProject to see examples of this inspiring movement!

Smilow Rocks started with a single caregiver looking for a way to connect to others at Smilow Cancer Hospital on the Yale campus in New Haven, CT. The first Smilow Rocks event took place in the Healing Garden. These events ar designed to spread joy, kindness and encouragement to patients, caregivers and staff. Follow #SmilowRocks on Instagram and on Facebook

Created in 2017, Glastonbury Rocks! is a Facebook Group for “Kindness Rocks” project participants in Glastonbury, Connecticut. The first rock I found was during a walk along the Connecticut River here in town. Members often hide the rocks around town or even while traveling, and many times will re-hide the rocks to spread the kindness to others. Our local elementary school, Hopewell School, is even an Official Kindness Rocks Project Certified School after launching their Kindness Rock Garden!

If you are interested in spreading kindness and inspiration through painting rocks yourself there are lots of helpful hints online. My AMAZON links are part of the Amazon Affiliates Network and I sometimes raise funds for the Smilow Hospital annual Closer to Free Ride by selling certain arts & crafts supplies through my links, and when I am not running a special fundraiser I do use my Affiliate Links to help pay for my web hosting to keep this Blog online!