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I have a lot of mixed feelings about the charities which specialize in Uveal (Ocular) Melanoma in the USA.

None of them update their websites on a regular basis, and most have statistics about our cancer that are many years old. They take money from patients and their friends and families but in my personal opinion, there is a lack of transparency about how that money is actually spent to fulfill the charities stated mission, as tax returns (990s) are often not filled in completely or filed and available to the public by the Federally required due date. Independent consumer awareness websites like Charity Navigator are often quite behind in updating their information as well.

UPDATED JUNE 2019: you may want to actually check the state government database for the non-profit you are researching to make sure their license to operate is not expired before you make a donation or do any fundraising which may not be tax deductible. My list below has been updated accordingly.

As the result of my personal research, the only fundraising I am doing from now on will be for Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale New Haven Health/Yale Cancer Center:

Closer to Free 2019

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    UPDATED June 2019


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