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There has been a lot of talk in the Ocular (Uveal) Melanoma Support Group on Facebook that I belong to, about the impact of the disappointing Dr. Oz show about ocular melanoma last week. Yes, the show had misinformation (such as misleading the public about where the patients lived – they did not all live in the same dorm). But the overwhelming consensus I gathered from the discussions is, that even if one person gets an eye exam who might not otherwise get one, then the show was a success.

Every person reading this post, has the opportunity to raise awareness so that one more person might get a dilated eye exam they might otherwise not get, and potentially reach someone who gets an earlier diagnosis than they might otherwise.

You don’t have to be a guest on Dr. Oz to make a difference!

Tips for Raising Awareness

  • Participate in a fund raising walk, run or ride and invite your social network to donate
  • Follow Facebook Pages: LIKE them; Comment on the articles; and SHARE to your profile wall!
  • Share your story! This can be hard for many people both socially, emotionally and technically!
    • You can speak about your experience and encourage dilated eye exams on Facebook
    • You can take it a step further and Blog about your experiences like I do here*!

*This is why I blog here at My Eye Blog.  I do share my story on my Facebook personal profile and I have shared my story when I have participated in fundraising efforts in the past.  But I wanted a place to create links to my favorite websites, and have a place to write about my opinions about topics related to cancer aside from in online Support Groups; but mostly to have a place to generate donations in between the walks and rides and runs!

I have been a blogger since the days of websites which were either white on black, or black on white!  I joined my first online discussion Group back when Oprah first went online with her forum.  My background is computer graphics but these days, if you can write an email, you can Blog!

As a side job, have two websites – at My Do-It-Yourself Web Services I sell domain name registrations and hosting plans; at Eastbury Design I promote my freelance services and have some articles to help my clients learn how they can do it themselves!

Are you interested in Blogging?  I recommend WordPress as the free content management program which means you don’t need to learn any coding or purchase any stand alone software in order to design your website.  Here is a link to an article I wrote on the difference between Pages and Posts, important to understand if you are using WordPress!

What are Pages? What are Posts?


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