A Cure In Sight™

May is Melanoma Awareness Month and the first organization I wanted to write about is A Cure In Sight™.

This IRS approved 501 C(3) organization was founded with the Mission to provide patient services for ocular melanoma eye cancer patients through building public awareness, educating Ocular Melanoma (OM) patients and their caregivers, funding on-going eye cancer research and by financially helping OM patients find and pay for the treatments they need.

When I was first diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma, and started looking for more information; I found ACIS. Melody, the President, was the first person I met online who shared my cancer and she was so valuable to me in navigating this journey. I did a little volunteer work with the organization by helping them to set up their website, and even sold some jewelry as a fundraiser!

I strongly encourage people to visit their website at acureinsight.net and experience for themselves the enormous amount of valuable resources, education and valuable links available on their website.

Please consider a donation to this wonderful organization! This is one of the few organizations which depend completely on volunteers so if there is an event near you, check out those opportunities as well!

ABOUT ACIS: https://acureinsight.org/about-a-cure-in-sight/

TAX RETURNS: https://acureinsight.org/about-acis/financials/

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