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A year ago this month, I was released from 8 days in the hospital. I was unable to sleep through the night, and had trouble falling asleep. Here is a screen shot from my FitBit.

Even when I was asleep, I wasn’t able to fall into a deep sleep, and it is during the deep sleep stage that the body heals. I started to research dietary supplements which might be helpful. My oncologist said “No” to melatonin. I asked about CBD Oil and he said that was fine!

I immediately contacted an herbalist friend of mine who recently started selling CBD Oil. I was confused about the laws since growing hemp was not legal in many states in the USA*, I didn’t understand how selling an extract from hemp was legal. I did a LOT of research! I’m in the process of adding some of those links to my blog. I ordered some CBD Oil but honestly, the taste was so “pot” tasting and smelling that I could not tolerate it.

So last week, read about Vitalibis full spectrum CBD Oil and learned that it is produced using a new patent pending extraction method which does not use any solvents. The result is a product that does not have that “taste” and smell that I dislike. I wanted to learn more! I contacted my friend who is an Ambassador with the company and I was so impressed with what I heard, I immediately ordered!

I chose the Vitalibis 20 for 20 Program – for a one time enrollment fee of $20, customers become an “Ambassador” and receive a 20% savings on all their personal product purchases. The company also offers free shipping on $50+ orders. This 20% discount is not just for a month, or for a year, but the $20 “membership” fee entitles customers to a 20% discount on the products forever! And there are no monthly minimums to retain your membership.

What happens is, you get your own web page to log into in the future. The product pages all display the discounted prices. It’s that simple!

And for someone like me who knows a lot of people who themselves either use CBD Oil or who are interested in trying it, all I have to do is share my website address and when these people order from my website, I earn a small commission! Most customers will choose this Ambassador program just for future discounted ordering and not for the income earning opportunity, but I like to be able to earn a little extra money from a “side gig” social sharing program.

Potential customers can of course, choose to order and pay full retail price, but as an Ambassador I can offer new customers a $10 Discount coupon off your first order [of $50 or more, everyone gets free shipping on orders $50+]! Just email cbd@myeyeblog.info and I will send you an email like the one below.

DISCLAIMER: Information contained on this site is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. All persons should consult their medical care provider prior taking or relying upon any essential oil or herbal product, especially women who are pregnant or nursing, and persons with known medical conditions.

FTC DISCLOSURE: This website may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links from this website. I am a member of the the Vitalibis Ambassador Program. I was not compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link https://www.vitalibis.com/sueapito.

*The 2018 Farm Bill allows hemp cultivation, allows the transfer of hemp-derived products across state lines and puts no restrictions on the sale, transport, or possession of hemp-derived products, so long as those items are produced in a manner consistent with the law.

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